I. zone zone 1 [zəʊn ǁ zoʊn] noun
1. [countable] a large area that is different from others around it in some way:

• This is a no-parking zone.

• 90% of non-smokers want smoke-free zones at work and in public places.

2. licence-free/​passport-free etc zone a group of countries where you do not need a licence to import goods, you do not need special documents to travel etc
3. residential/​industrial/​commercial etc zone PROPERTY an area of a city that is used for a particular purpose or activity, such as houses or shops:

• The trucks are limited by federal law to the commercial zone.

• The company's five factories are situated in a new industrial zone outside the city.

deˈvelopment ˌzone [countable] ECONOMICS
another name for enterprise zone
ˌduty-ˈfree ˌzone [countable] COMMERCE TAX
an area where goods can be imported and exported without paying Customs:

• As the Canaries are a duty-free zone, the customs authorities do not normally inspect yachts.

ˌeconomic ˈzone also exˌclusive ˌeconomic ˈzone [countable] COMMERCE
an area of sea around a country, where that country alone is allowed to fish, mine etc
ˈenterprise ˌzone [countable] ECONOMICS
an area which the government is helping by supporting new businesses and encouraging companies to move there by offering money or by allowing them not to pay certain taxes for a period of time; = DEVELOPMENT ZONE:

• The city of Fresno's designated enterprise zone includes the downtown area, portions of the airport area, and the large industrial and manufacturing area.

ˈeuro-ˌzone [singular]
ECONOMICS the part of Europe where the euro is used as currency:

• The new currency is due to be physically introduced across the euro zone between January and July 2002.

ˌforeign ˈtrade ˌzone [countable] COMMERCE TAX
an area, often a port, where goods can be re-exported free of duty, or with low taxes etc:

• The Baltic port cities are thinking about creating foreign trade zones.

ˈfree ˌzone also ˌfree ˈtrade ˌzone [countable] COMMERCE
another name for duty-free zone or tax-free zone:

• The Peruvian port will be developed as a free zone with full industrial and commercial facilities.

ˌspecial ˌeconomic ˈzone [countable] ECONOMICS
an area where economic development is encouraged by the government. Materials can be exported into special economic zones, used to manufacture goods, and then re-exported tax-free:

• The special economic zone of Xiamen in southeast China approved 128 Taiwan investment projects worth $275 million.

ˈtax-free ˌzone [countable] COMMERCE TAX
another name for duty-free zone
ˈtime ˌzone [countable]
one of the 24 areas that the world is divided into, each of which has its own time:

• Investors want to trade in Europe's stocks in a single market within the European time zone.

  [m0] II. zone zone 2 verb [transitive] PROPERTY
to divide a town or city into different areas for different purposes:

• The privately owned land is currently zoned for residential use (= for houses ) .

— see also downzoning
— zoning adjective :

• In architecture you are dependent on clients, on craftsmen, and on zoning laws.

* * *

zone UK US /zəʊn/ noun [C]
an area, especially one that is different from the areas around it, because it has different characteristics or is used for different purposes: »

a danger/safety zone


a construction/no-parking/nuclear-free zone

one of the areas into which a larger area is divided for a particular purpose: »

Most bus fares in the borough are to rise by 43%, while tube users in zone 1 will see an increase of 25%.


The car was going faster than 60 mph in a 40-mph zone.

a charging/fare zone »

New technology makes it much cheaper to determine whether a vehicle is in a charging zone.

an area of a city that is used for a particular purpose or activity: a commercial/industrial/residential zone »

Trucks are permitted within a 20-25 mile commercial zone where they drop off their trailers.

LAW a geographical region or group of countries that share a particular system, law, etc.: »

customs-free/passport-free zones


Next to the airport is a special economic zone, an enclave of relative economic freedom designed to attract investors.


External exchange rates matter less in a single currency zone of such size.

See also DEVELOPMENT ZONE(Cf. ↑development zone), DUTY-FREE ZONE(Cf. ↑duty-free zone), ENTERPRISE ZONE(Cf. ↑enterprise zone), THE EUROZONE(Cf. ↑the eurozone), FOREIGN TRADE ZONE(Cf. ↑foreign trade zone), FREE TRADE ZONE(Cf. ↑free trade zone), SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONE(Cf. ↑special economic zone), TIME ZONE(Cf. ↑time zone)
zone UK US /zəʊn/ verb [T]
to give a special purpose to a particular area, such as an area in a town: be zoned for sth »

The acreage includes land zoned for commercial usage.

to divide an area of land into different smaller areas: »

They will have to zone a sufficient amount of land to meet housing needs.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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